How not to change careers - 4 ways to stuff up your success

If you’ve made a successful career change this year, I wish you every good thing in 2019.

If you’re still searching as another resolution rich New Year looms, check if any of these four acts of self-sabotage blocked your way.


You got stuck in your head

There are lots of ways to end up here, you can:

  • Catch analysis paralysis
    Whether you’ve got zillions or zero new career ideas, you overthink everything. Your frantic brain whirrs like a hamster on a wheel until you’re reduced to a screaming heap. Stop spinning now.

  • Believe negative self-talk
    Your inner doomsayers fill your head with rants about how rubbish you are AT EVERYTHING. Your brain is so fogged by fear of failure you can’t imagine finding, let alone competing for new jobs. Get a little mental shush.

  • Assume the worst
    You let a bunch of limiting beliefs stifle your career change. You overestimate the difficulty of breaking into a new field and underestimate your courage and capability. Challenge untested assumptions.

  • Go it alone
    You keep your career change project a secret. Maybe you’re anticipating opposition from sceptical friends and family or hostility from envious colleagues. Perhaps you’re wary of paying a professional who may not ‘get’ you.
    Choose your cheer squad or find a compatible coach.

You got stuck in cyberspace


If only you could Google your way to a new career. The Internet can certainly answer some pretty cool career-related questions. Sadly this doesn’t include two of the most important ones - who you are and what you need from your career.

If you’re lost in an online maze, buried by a data avalanche or ordering box loads of career change books on Amazon, here’s how to get off Google and into the real world.

You got stuck in your comfort zone
Although it’s now a ‘discomfort zone’ as you’re trapped in a job or a field you know but no longer love. You grit your teeth and tell yourself (and everyone else) ‘I’m good at this, I’m meant to be here, I can’t do anything else’. You trade your old job for a ‘new’ one just like it. You wish you could move into a totally ‘new’ career but you’re convinced that ‘no experience equals ‘no chance.’

Changing your mindset to ‘getting better’ and seeing and seeking ‘experience’ differently will help you quit your career change comfort zone.

You got stuck without a plan


Money and motivation got in your way. Fear of financial ruin brought you undone. You couldn’t connect your interests to actual careers. When it came to unlocking the ‘hidden job market’, you were clueless.

Fund your transition, kindle your career change spark, crack the ‘hidden job market’.

Get a plan!

See part two of this blog on how not to fall at the final change career hurdle here.

Is it your year for a brilliant career change? Let’s find out.

By Jo Green, Career Change Coach

I help people who don’t like their job to figure out what to do instead! I can help you explore what meaningful work is for you. I’ll work with you to lessen the stress of changing careers.

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