How I can help you change careers


No one likes to feel stuck. Often it’s the nagging uncertainty around what to do about it that makes you the most miserable.

I do career change coaching one on one and an intensive course with groups. Both are with people who want to figure out what’s next career wise.

There are lots of triggers for career change but no matter what prompts a move, everyone’s looking for purposeful, absorbing work. This is where I come in. 

If you see yourself anywhere here – I can help:

  • You’re at the absolute fraying end of your tether with your current role in your longtime industry. You want out now. You want to get into something completely different but you have little or no idea what that is or where to start looking.
  • You’re OK but not great where you are. Your current role or company has lost its lustre but you feel you still fit your industry and you value what it does. You’d like to look at other opportunities in the same or similar sectors. 
  • You’ve lost a job you loved or loathed through redundancy or the end of your contract. You knew this was coming so you’ve planned to take time out to recharge, regroup and take a forensic look at your options. 
  • You’re thinking about freelancing or starting your own business. You’ve got heaps of skills and experience but you don’t know if you have what it takes or how to make this major move outside your comfort zone. 

How career coaching works


Changing careers can feel a lot like mountaineering. Maybe your dream job feels just beyond your reach? Perhaps it’s lost in the haze on a distant horizon.

Any climb is easier with someone by your side. I’ll help you find the way and cheer you on. Between us we’ll forge a path to the summit using proven tools and techniques from the Firework Career Change programme and Career Shifters.

Aiming for complete career change or a savvy side step in a sector you still love?
I’ll help you get clearer and more confident about who you are and where you’re going.


Together we will:

  • Explore what meaningful, fulfilling work is for you
  • Get clear on your values, skills, motivations and strengths
  • Think about how work fits in to life
  • Generate themes and ideas for your career change
  • Broaden your understanding of what opportunities are available to you
  • Do real world testing around the ideas you generate to assess the degree to which they give you energy, fit your skills and talents, and can provide you the financial sustainability you need.
  • Map out how to make your career change that suits you situation and finances, and mitigates risk.
‘If you’re feeling stuck and not sure how to navigate a career transition I can highly recommend Jo. With her gentle yet focused approach Jo encouraged me to really examine my goals and get clear on what job and career I really want.’ Fiona
‘I knew I wanted to change out of the only industry I’ve ever worked in so my expectation really was just to open my mind… Jo’s ability to motivate and hold space for exploration made the whole coaching process really enjoyable and valuable.’ Ashley

Start your career change coaching

Drop me a note to organise a free 20 minute consultation to chat about your career change and how career change coaching could help.

For information on where and when see frequently asked questions. And for inspiration see my suggested resources page.