Sitting at your desk thinking I don't want to do this but I don't know what next?

Want to wipe the career slate clean and start again?

But freaking out about how to do that?

8 session programme - career changers.

Looking for a small step from your current role?

Need to get clear on your skills?

Want to cross check ideas and feel confident in your move?

6 session programme - small steppers.

I’m a qualified coach. I’m fascinated by what drives us and what holds us back. While I’ve built a fulfilling career across 3 sectors, I’ve also felt lost many times along the way. Knowing how it feels to succeed, stall and stumble drives me to help you to explore your purpose, find direction and get stuff done.

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Get in touch to organise a free 20 minute consultation. A lot can happen in one phone call. We’ll explore what you want to get out of coaching, how we can shape our sessions to your needs, and whether we are a good fit to work together. 


'Jo has an exceptional ability to sift through the mental chatter and get to the very essence of what you value most…. I look forward to working with Jo well into the future.' Neelan, business owner

I would recommend coaching by Jo, for anyone that is looking for a calming and reassuring voice in career or personal coaching.' Sarah, career changer

'Through some introspection, guidance from Jo and the exercises, it became really clear to me what my ideal work would look like and I ended up finding a job that fits my vision perfectly! Jo is warm, kind, inviting, professional, and really talented at pointing out themes that may have gone unnoticed by me.  She has a real gift for being with her clients, giving space for introspection.' Ashley, career changer

'With Jo's insightful questioning and prompts, it became clearer to me that my so-called objective wasn't really what I wanted at all - it was no wonder I wasn't getting any traction! I recommend Jo if you're seeking clarity and direction.' Anne, exploring what next