'I knew I needed a change but was not confident in really knowing the next steps. Reflecting on my professional skills was simply our first step on an incredibly thorough process that gave me a deeper understanding of how I tick including my values and belief systems.' Sascha

Read Sascha's career change story of how she went from Not for Profit Program Manager to End of Life Doula.

'Jo helped me so much in working through the next steps in my career. She listened, challenged and took me through lots of exercises and scenarios which I find myself going back to time and time again as a reference for the type of career and life I want to have, and for when I need to make decisions about new roles and jobs to potentially take on. Her approach is very holistic and caring, and she has a skill for building up your confidence and ultimately being your cheerleader!'

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'I really enjoyed working with Jo and really looked forward to our coaching sessions. She was very encouraging but also challenged me when I needed it. I felt actively listened to and supported but whilst constantly moving forward towards my goal. I absolutely loved my coaching experience, it is something which really opened my mind to the possibilities out there as well as allowed me to really reflect on myself, including my skills and motivations. Not only did it help me in the lead up to changing career, but it's something which I think about a lot to help me guide my choices in life.' Natalie

'Jo’s ability to motivate and hold space for exploration made the whole process really enjoyable and valuable. Through some introspection, guidance from Jo and the exercises, it became really clear to me what my ideal work would look like and I ended up finding a job that fit my vision perfectly! You will end up with a clear view for your future career, who you are as a person and who you are as a professional.  I would definitely (and have) recommend Jo!' Ashley

'After years of trying to change careers myself without much luck, I found Jo. Jo is a fantastic coach, she strikes a perfect balance between pushing you outside of your comfort zone whilst helping you tackle personal barriers to move forward. The process Jo uses not only is fun but gives you the confidence to explore ideas for a career that you may not have even thought possible beforehand. Jo helped me uncover insights that were really important in choosing my new career path, that I couldn't have done on my own.' Hilary

'I'd been thinking about getting help with my career for many years and finally took the leap with Jo. I'd highly recommend giving it a go, not only because she's great to talk to and challenges you on your thinking process, but the activities you need to do along the way help you to move outside your comfort zone. For me, the biggest thing was learning clarity comes from action and engagement with the outside world, not from overthinking things in your head. Although I'm still on my career journey I feel like the last 6 months have put me on a path than I never would've discovered on my own.' Jo

'Undertaking coaching with Jo has helped me realise what I enjoy, what I am naturally good at and has assisted me in tweaking the direction going forward in my career. I undertook my coaching before having a baby so am currently able to have a period of reflection and planning for my future career. Knowing I needed a change was one thing, but Jo enabled me with the tools to really figure out what direction I should take. The sessions were challenging, sometimes eye opening and the process was one that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own.' Kristin

'After letting my career take a back seat whilst raising my children, I found myself feeling dissatisfied, lost and depressed. I was scared to make another decision about my career that I would regret. After my first phone consultation with Jo I was instantly impressed with the structure and process that embodies her program. The exercises are designed to make you really think about what you value in life, not just in a career. I thoroughly enjoyed my catch-ups with Jo - she challenged my misconceptions about myself and gently helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I have recently started a job that ticks all the boxes for me, but I also recognise the importance of including everything you value in your life, including things that aren’t satisfied by your career.' Michelle

'I wasn’t sure what to expect from career coaching. I went into it wanting to make sure that I had some options for later on in my career that I could start to work towards now. I was constantly surprised by the revelations I got from the different exercises that Jo took me through and at the end of the process, it all made sense to what earlier exercises had been building towards. Although it was sometimes difficult for me to let go of things, I also valued the way that Jo challenged my thinking. For me, the process gave me more confidence in myself and my abilities, enabled me to take some time out for myself to view some of the things I had done and helped me uncover some possible options and a safe, low-risk method for exploring them.' Penny