'I found the structure and support of the Firework Programme very helpful.  The programme was well-paced and the combination of the in-course work, home assignments, and Jo’s ability to motivate and hold space for exploration made the whole process really enjoyable and valuable. I hoped by starting the programme, I would simply be opening the doors in my mind to what specifically I am looking for, career wise. I knew I wanted to change out of the only industry I’ve ever worked in so my expectation really was just to open my mind.  And that it did!  Through some introspection, guidance from Jo and the exercises, it became really clear to me what my ideal work would look like and I ended up finding a job that fit my vision perfectly! You will end up with a clear view for your future career, who you are as a person and who you are as a professional.  I would definitely (and have) recommend Jo and the Firework Programme!' Ashley

'When I started my one-on-one coaching sessions with Jo, I thought I wanted help clarifying a specific work objective which I'd already given a lot of thought about.  With Jo's insightful questioning and prompts, it became clearer to me that my so-called objective wasn't really what I wanted at all - it was no wonder I wasn't getting any traction!  I recommend Jo if you're seeking clarity and direction.  Her clear-sighted and empathetic perspective will undoubtedly help you move forward with your endeavours and give you the boost of support to help motivate you to keep going.' Anne

'I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jo via a CEO we both admired deeply so it was an easy decision to engage Jo to help me move past some challenges I was facing in my professional career. The thing I liked about Jo’s approach was we both knew we were on a learning curve to find what worked for both our needs and we got there rapidly. At every step of the way Jo put my intentions at the heart of our conversations. Turns out I really only needed a reminder I was on track to where I wanted to be. Jo was able to see that and most importantly she helped me see that - coaching to a tee. I’d recommend Jo in a heart beat.' Paul

'Jo coached me for 6 sessions as I try and figure out how to make the move from a corporate environment into a more social/non-profit focus in my career.  It was weird, at first, to talk about myself so much, but amazing how fast I became comfortable with it.  I found myself going in circles, as I often do in my own head, trying to focus on what I want to do, and how to make that move.  Jo was great at refocusing me, by using just a few words, here or there, to get me back on track.  Jo was able to focus my constantly moving thoughts in a direction that got them on paper and much more organised.  I found that after a few weeks of doing things on my own, it was helpful to talk to someone again, that could listen to what I had been doing, and ask me questions that I wouldn't have thought of myself, that again allowed me to focus and move forward, instead of feeling like I was stuck.  I would recommend coaching by Jo, for anyone that is looking for a calming and reassuring voice in career or personal coaching.' Sarah

'Jo has an exceptional ability to sift through the mental chatter and get to the very essence of what you value most. The complexities of life can easily lead to being sidetracked and having someone who has exceptional listening skills and a great understanding of how to get things done has assisted me in achieving a great amount in a short period of time. I look forward to working with Jo well into the future.' Neelan

'Jo has been coaching me over a time period of 3 months around mainly business but also personal goals. I am so grateful for having done this coaching with her as it brought a new energy into my business life, I achieved goals and brought into place a work structure that helps me move forward. Jo is very much "on the spot", she is asking the right questions at the right time but doesn't mind listening. She has an encouraging attitude and a way of acknowledging that always made me look forward to tell her about my little steps that I was taking. When I asked her for feedback on certain things she was happy to give it but would challenge me first in order to see what I was thinking myself...! If you need effective, positive and professional Coaching, don't think any longer...Jo it is!' Franziska