Create a plan to kick start your career change

Wednesday 28th February 2018

7-8.30pm (Sydney time AEST)

Whether you’re desperate to escape a job that’s driving you mad or quietly contemplating change but stuck on where to start, this workshop will give you a road map to explore your options and start taking ACTION!

In this interactive online workshop you will complete the following:

  • Identify what’s driving your desire to change careers and what might be blocking it
  • Determine the actions you can take to move past your obstacles toward your career change
  • Create your “Must Haves” list to guide you in choosing your next career
  • Generate new career ideas and discover how to determine if they are right for you

Register for this lively, practical workshop and I’ll email you a confirmation and instructions on how to join and participate on the night.

Note: At the start of the call I ask for participants to confirm confidentially will be respected so it is a safe space to share and interact. 


About me, Jo Green

I know when people find what they love, heart and soul, their life changes. As an accredited Careershifters & Firework Career Change Coach, I work every day with individuals who are in career transition, starting their own enterprise, or searching for new direction. I help them find and move in to fulfilling work. 


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‘Thanks so much, Jo - that was a terrific session. It’s given me a really structured place to start thinking about what I really want to do.’ Amanda
‘Thanks heaps Jo! I’ve got lots of energy and inspiration and am going to make changes in a curious, disciplined way.’ Mary