Are you an awesome social entrepreneur who can't afford standard coaching but needs some help? I offer coaching at a low rate to a limited number of social entrepreneurs at a time. Fill in the form below to apply.

‘At every step of the way Jo put my intentions at the heart of our conversations. Turns out I really only needed a reminder I was on track to where I wanted to be. Jo was able to see that and most importantly she helped me see that - coaching to a tee. I’d recommend Jo in a heart beat.’ Paul
Non for profit social entreprise

As a social entrepreneur you’re a passionate leader, a bold visionary and also a business manager. As well as the usual pressures of starting or running a business you;re shouldering the added burden of achieving your social impact goals.

I’ve worked with Social Enterprises and NGOs in Sydney and on the ground overseas. I’ve seen passionate people with innovative solutions to social problems, all with the same need: support.

As you seek to make the world a better place it’s hard not to become fused with the business. You've set your sights on making the world a little better, the only thing that will make your enterprise sustainable, is you being sustainable.

Coaching can help you cover the urgent matters that crop up each week. Offering you a sounding board for ideas and a forum for building plans. So you can stay accountable to your goals and motivated to get there while protecting your work life balance.

If you are finishing an incubator or accelerator program, this is what you need to put your knowledge into action, stay focused week on week and get stuff done. 

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I am a social entrepreneur who is starting or already running a social enterprise, not for profit or purpose business