Do you feel stuck and unfulfilled at work? What if you could replace that daily sense of dread with one of satisfaction and knowledge that you're making a difference? Coaching can help you do just that, by exploring your values, discovering your skills and building your motivation. You can develop a plan to shift into a meaningful career.

Let's chat! Get in touch to organise a free 20 minute consultation. A lot can happen in one phone call. We’ll explore what you want to get out of coaching, how we can shape our sessions to your needs, and whether we are a good fit to work together. 

I’m a Brit that settled in Sydney and am a qualified coach. I’m fascinated by human behaviour, what drives each of us and what holds us back. I’ve progressed in 3 sectors in my own career but have also felt lost many times along the way. This drives me to help others to explore their purpose, find direction and get stuff done!

‘Her clear-sighted and empathetic perspective will undoubtedly help you move forward with your endeavours and give you the boost of support to help motivate you to keep going.' Anne, exploring what next

‘Jo was able to focus my constantly moving thoughts in a direction that got them on paper and much more organized.’ Sarah, thinking about a career change

'Jo has an exceptional ability to sift through the mental chatter and get to the very essence of what you value most.' Neelan, small business owner

'At every step of the way Jo put my intentions at the heart of our conversations.' Paul, scoping out his next career move

'Jo has an encouraging attitude and a way of acknowledging that always made me look forward to tell her about my little steps that I was taking.' Franziska, coach