Career Change Catalyst -Intensive Course

Next 9 week course will start in mid 2018.

Please email me if you would like to be informed when the dates are finalised.


What is it?

This is a 9 week online course for a group of up to 10 curious, committed career changers. It gives you a strong, flexible jumping off point for making a move towards work you love inside and out. You will learn what is important to you at work, get clear on three to five career themes and walk away with a plan of how to test and validate the right path for you.

I felt supported, challenged and encouraged. Each week helped me build skills, knowledge and confidence which allowed me to step into new places of being and thinking that has opened up a whole lot of possibilities I would never thought possible. The learning from the projects is something you can’t get from reading a book or even dreaming about it. I have the belief that I can do what I set my mind to and it doesn’t seem as daunting as it did before the program.
— Sharyn

Who is it for?

If you’re:

Career _change
  • feeling desperate, flat and stuck in a job that’s stopped working for you
  • your brain is a career change wasteland, overwhelmed by a head full of ideas or somewhere in between
  • curious about how to use your skills and strengths a little or a lot differently
  • keen to do some serious real world career testing without sacrificing your financial security 
  • energised by the accountability, momentum and support of a group
  • ready to get in to action and get your career change moving

This is a catalytic, action packed course that builds your confidence and shifts how you feel, think and act as you go about finding the work you love to do.

How does it work?

The group will have 9 Monday night coaching calls from 7.30-8.30pm (Sydney time  AEST).

You’ll need to commit 3 hours per week outside of the calls to complete step by step weekly exercises and missions to:

  1. learn more about what matters most  for you in work and career
  2. expand your range of genuine career possibilities that meet your ‘must have’ criteria
  3. test and validate potential opportunities highlighted by your top 3-5 career themes

You‘ll get heaps of support and opportunities to build new networks; bounce ideas, share experience and get your questions answered, in:

A closed Facebook group of like minded career changers who share experience and inspiration and (along with me) answer each other’s questions.

What will we do?

We get straight down to business. Each week you’ll have practical real world missions and imaginative, fresh thinking exercises to get you doing things differently.

This means you’ll grow your list of exciting and often surprising potential career options. It also means you’ll have the confidence and skill to filter out unviable ones before you spend energy and time exploring them.

The course combines the best in structure and flexibility – here’s how that works.

Stage 1 – Find your career change clues

We begin by finding out where to look for your career change clues. 

It’s tough to generate career change insight when you’re stuck and frustrated.  It’s also natural to assume that doing something totally different is the only solution. For some people this is true. But, for lots of us the clues pointing to our next career are closer than we imagine. In fact, they’re hiding in plain sight. They’re lurking behind ideas and issues and people who spark our interest.


Stage one is packed with activities and missions that uncover clues to broaden your future career options. We’ll combine action and reflection to help you get clear on your motivation and drive, and what purposeful work means for you. You’ll act on, explore and consolidate these insights by meeting new people and stepping into new environments.

Stage one generates heaps of exciting new possibilities.

Stage 2 – Sharpen your focus


Stage two’s creative exercises filter your list to find your top three to five ‘career themes’. These are the areas that energise and excite you the most.

Now you’ve set your direction for Stage three – Test and Validate.  


Stage 3 – Test and Validate   


It’s time to do real world testing. This is the career change lab!

Your Stage 3 Projects give you low risk, high impact ways to test the feasibility and fit of exciting career possibilities. You’ll finish the programme knowing how to test career ideas and have a plan of next steps in your career change journey. 


What's the cost?

Option 1: The course of weekly calls, exercises, missions, tips and momentum costs AUS$950 (half invoiced before the commencement of the course, and half mid way through). 

Option 2: all of the above plus 2 individual coaching sessions (each 1 hour) with me at key points during the course to tackle your biggest challenges and focus on what you need to do next. AUS$1,150


How do I find out more or apply?

The next course will be in mid 2018. Please email me if you would like to be informed when dates are finalised and to receive information on how to apply.